We’ve Been Offered a Full-Size Allotment

This time last year, we were offered a quarter of an allotment plot in our local area. We gladly accepted the offer because we’d already been on the waiting list for a couple of years on three sites and heard nothing from them.

Getting onto a site is the first step. Once there, you’re more likely to be offered a larger plot when one becomes available.

Which it has. Today.

The same day I bought the domain name plottingon.com, set up my social accounts and got the website off the ground.

We’ve been offered the remaining three-quarters of the plot we’re already on. Which is great. The plot covers 135 square metres and is long and narrow in shape with a paved footpath through the middle. There’s room for plenty of beds, but they’ll need building or at least defined as the previous owner never did that.

She preferred a freestyle approach.

The downside to taking on the rest of the plot is the amount of work we need to do to get it to work for us. At the very least, we want to add a greenhouse and a shed, and each of those will need a base building. People in our area often give away greenhouses just to get rid of them, so we should be able to pick one up for free.

If we touch lucky, we might be able to get a shed for free but the chances are we’ll need to buy one.

We also need to build some pathways around what will become our beds. We’re taking the no-dig approach and probably not adding raised beds at this early stage. The cost of wood is prohibitive right now (there’s another project in the garden at home that needs funding) and we think it would be a good idea to work the plot for a while before making any decisions about the layout.

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