We Have a Full-Sized Allotment

We’ve officially taken over the plot we shared with Christine.

During the previous year, we used a quarter of her allotment, but she’s decided to give it up. So moving forward this year and beyond, we have a full-size allotment that covers 135 square metres.

The shape is long and rectangular with a paved path right down the middle. There are no raised beds on the plot and we haven’t decided if we’re going to add any. For the rest of this year, we won’t. We’re leaving it exactly as it is until we get to know the space a lot better.

The photo below was taken around the time we took over the allotment. The darker beds on the left are the ones we took over last year and the ones we were expecting to use this year.

A few weeks ago, I covered each of the beds with farmyard manure I bought from a local garden centre, and a couple of weeks after that, with manure a few of us grouped together to buy from a local farmer. Because we’re just getting into the main planting and growing season, we’ve decided to leave the other beds as they are until the end of the season.

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