Spreading farmyard manure at the allotment

I spent a few hours down at the allotment spreading farmyard manure I bought from Daisy Nook Garden Centre across the four beds we have. While I was there, I got chatting with Trevor who suggested a few of us could chip in to get a trailer of manure delivered by a local farmer for £45.

Sounds good to me!

Before spreading the crap around, I pulled up the failed carrots. Some of which were just a couple of inches long. They failed miserably because the soil in the beds is just too claggy. Carrots grow best in loose or fine soil so they won’t work in our beds in their current state.

Adding the manure and following the no-dig method will improve the soil over time, but right now, if we want to grow carrots, we’ll either have to use large pots with a depth of at least twelve inches or build a new bed.

Stuff I bought today

  • 3 bags of farmyard manure (Dasiy Nook was running a special offer so the third bag was free)
  • Small sieve for sieving compost
  • 3 seed sowing trays and lids
  • A bag of horticultural grit

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