Sowing peas, broad beans and tomato seeds


Next to tomatoes, peas are the thing we want to grow a lot of this year.

The variety I sowed today is Hurst Green Shaft (main crop). They should be sown outdoors where they are to crop, but once again, I’m starting them off in modules. I sowed four seeds per cell in a nine-module seed tray and put the tray in the mini greenhouse. No fleece.

This variety only grows to around 30″ so I’m not sure if I’m going to need canes to support them. Probably not but we’ll see.

They can be sown between March and June and harvested between May and September.

Germination time is 10-18 days.

Broad Beans

We grew this last year on the allotment, and although they’re not our favourite, we decided to use the last of the seeds rather than throw or give them away.

I can’t find the packet but I know they’re a dwarf variety so don’t grow very tall. I sowed two seeds per cell in a six-module tray.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Two seeds per cell in a six-module seed tray.

Gardener’s Delight

We grew plenty of these last year and they were delicious so we’re growing plenty more this year.

I used three to five seeds per cell in a nine-module tray and put the tray in a heated propagator in my office.

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