Sowing cauliflower, chives and beetroot seeds


I didn’t have any plans to grow cauliflower. But recently I’ve eaten a lot of it in curries and stir fries so I thought I’d get some seeds in the ground and grow my own.

The variety I have is All the Year Round. On the front of the seed packet, it’s described as “Versatile, reliable and tasty”.

The seeds can be sown during the following times of the year: Outdoors between September and October or from March to June, and indoors between January and March.

I sowed between three and four seeds per cell in a nine-module seed tray and placed it in the mini greenhouses in the garden. It’s still cold so I wrapped it in fleece.

Germination time is 14-28 days.

Once ready, I’ll move them down to the allotment.


I’m growing chives to have with omelettes and in salads. They can be grown all year round so I sprinkled a few seeds into a couple of 3cm pots and placed them on the living room windowsill, which is the one that gets the most light during the day and heat in the evening.

Chives can be sown indoors during every month of the year, and according to my Mr Fothergill’s seed packet, outside between March and May.

There are a few chives growing in the ground at the allotment, but I think I’m going to stick to pots in the future simply because I can move them around and bring them indoors any time the weather gets a bit rough.

Germination time is 14-21 days.

I’ll probably keep these in the garden rather than the allotment.


|’m not a massive fan of beetroot, but Carole is so these are for her.

The variety I chose (there wasn’t much choice, to be honest) is Boltardy.

I’ve sowed four seeds per cell in a four-module seed tray. The seeds can be sown any time between March and July and the plants harvested from June to October. The packet says to sow them outside where they are to crop but I prefer to start them in modules. I might try sowing another batch of seeds straight into the ground in a few weeks.

Germination time is 7-21 days.

These will end up at the allotment.

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