Potting on chillies and sweet peppers

Bought a few more seed packets from Wilko today.

Also did some potting-on of seedlings I originally sowed on 2nd February in a small seed tray which I placed on the living room windowsill. I’ve now transferred them into small pots (one plant per pot) and put them into a heated propagator on the kitchen windowsill.

The plants are cayenne pepper and sweet pepper.

They’re all looking smaller than they should so hopefully moving them into individual pots and placing them in a heated environment will help them grow bigger and better.

After re-potting the peppers mentioned above, I reused the seed tray and compost to sow rudbeckia aries seeds. The packet came from Wilko, cost £1 and contains around 500 very small seeds.

After sowing, they need to be kept warm and moist and should germinate between 14-21 days. I’ve put them on the living room windowsill for now. It gets the most sun during the day and plenty of heat from the radiator during the evening.

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