Potting-on and throwing away leggy seedlings

I spent most of today repotting healthy seedlings and throwing away the leggy and weak ones. I’m writing this a few days after doing that so I can’t remember which plants I repotted – I think it was peppers.

The broccoli seeds I sowed a few days ago have germinated.

In my office room, I have a tall camping table by the window. On top of that, I keep a few seed trays and underneath it, I placed a heated propagator packed with tomato seeds. I intended to move the propagator into the light once the seeds germinated but I forgot! And because it’s dark under the table, I never noticed the seedlings were growing.

The result was extremely leggy baby plants. Sometimes, I’ll repot them anyway but this time they were just too leggy so they all went into the bin. There’s still plenty of time to sow more seeds, and I already have some tomato plants growing anyway.

Most of the seeds in the module tray of spring onions have germinated.

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